"I go slowly."

Translation:Ich gehe langsam.

October 6, 2017

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What's the diference between "gehe" and "laufe"?


In tinycards , I learnt that , Gehen means to Walk. Laufen means to Run. I applied this in DUolingo and it worked.


I thought you can have any word order so long as the verb is second? I put "Langsam gehe ich" and it was marked as wrong....


Wordorder is possible and correct, but its very uncommon. Ich gehe langsam is far more common and I would only say Langsam gehe ich, when I want to highlight the langsam.


I'd use ich gehe langsam as well because the word order suggested by the original poster is ambivalent in German:

Langsam gehe ich can mean I go slowly, although on its own it feels rather like theatre German than standard vernacular.

But it can also have an entirely different meaning if you stress the first word:

Langsam gehe ich can mean that you feel it is about time to leave (= Es ist an der Zeit zu gehen), often (but not necessarily) emphasized by adding mal to the end of the sentence.

(This use of langsam is close to this phrase: Wir müssen uns langsam (mal) beeilen. = We really need to hurry now.)

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