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"J'aime passer du temps avec elle."

Translation:I like to spend time with her.

March 13, 2013



"I like to pass the time with her" should be acceptable too!


I agree. "Pass the time" is a really common expression in English and "spend time" or "pass some time" don't sound as natural to me.


We need to understand the meaning of the French. Since opinions about what seems natural have degenerated into a spitting contest, let's look at some external resources rather than just say "what sounds right to me". The following examples were found in several different reliable resources:

The interpretation of "spend time" and "pass time" are perhaps more context sensitive. Are we focusing on using "pass" because of the French verb "passer"? That doesn't make it more correct. Resources aside, people do say both "spend time (with)" and "pass time with" and it seems that those in one camp cannot abide the other. Both expressions are accepted here but we are reminded that BrE and AmE may have a different sense of what sounds natural. Please accept that others have different preferences.


I think a large part of the fixation on "pass the time" is because the suggested solution on Desktop if you enter "I like to pass the time with her" is "I like to pass some time with her.," which is a relatively awkward construction (at least in American English). If I heard someone say that, I'd assume they were messing up the idiomatic phrase "pass the time." From what I can tell, "spend time" is probably the most accurate translation, and it might be prudent to remove "pass some time" from the acceptable list of answers unless the phrase is used in some other dialect of English.


" J'aime passer du temps avec elle", DL now (April 25, 2017) accepts the translation " I like to pass time with her." Drop the word "the" and DL will take the answer.


In English, the term commonly used is "to spend time" with somebody. It is the equivalent of "passer du temps" avec qqn.


As many people have pointed out, "to pass the time" is also very common.


Why can't I say "I love spending time with her"? I just lost a heart >:(


Yes, I had this problem as well. I recognize that "j'adore" is used with objects, but since a person is involved in this statement, I thought that "jaime" would make sense to be translated as "I love." Can a native French speaker comment?


The reason why 'j'aime' is to be translated as 'I like' is because the "thing" being liked/loved is neither a person nor a pet. Instead, the thing that the speaker likes to spend is time. The qualifier 'avec elle' is merely added as a way of telling us about how/where/with whom the speaker likes to spend his/her time.

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Aha! That makes perfect sense now, and seems so obvious. Thanks so much for replying, even after such a long time. I was still wondering!


In English I think that some is implicitly meant when we say pass the time. Obviously you cannot spend all the time, just as you cannot eat all the cheese -- so we dont bother w some. My 2 fwiw.


Just wondering... Is the way he's saying these sentences "correct" or the way it would "usually" sound? Hard to get to hear "J'aime" in two separate syllables, sounding like "J'ai me" or something like that


You contradict yourself. If you look up 'J'aime. . .' The guide indicates 'like' references things, and then the guide indicates 'Love' for people. . . I changed mine from 'like' to 'love' and it was counted as wrong. HMMMM?!!


I wrote, "I like passing the time with her," and I think it should be accepted. Even though it's not strictly literal, it is idiomatic English, and catches the sense of the phrase.


According to the Cambridge English Dictionary the definition of "pass the time" is "to do something to keep busy while waiting" eg - "we passed the time in the airport playing cards" which is slightly different in meaning to "to spend time" which is what I understand the french to mean.


Earlier I wrote "J'aime passer du temps avec elle" but it was corrected: "J'aime passer de temps avec elle". Why?

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