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  5. "Které dny jsou tady pomalé?"

"Které dny jsou tady pomalé?"

Translation:Which days are slow here?

October 6, 2017



What would one hope to find out by asking this question?


Pomalý den is a day when things are slow. Well, that was a non explanation. Let's say a store, car service, barber. Typically all these locations are busier on certain days of the week and slower on others. You are trying to find out which are the slower days to bring your car in hoping you would not have to spend your entire youth waiting for them to change your oil.


To je zajímavé, děkuji.


You're not making it any easier for beginning learners by giving us such weird sentences.


If you call this weird you haven't seen the Dutch course


The Dutch course is really quite random in places. Would recommend.


If Czechs actually say this then I am happy to struggle through to learn it. But if this is just a made-up sentence to string words together in an unusual way, I completely agree with you.


I agree, this is quit difficult to grasp for a learner. I think a bit of context, or an explanation (in the task) as kacenka9 gives here would be very useful to understand the concept.

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