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Any French films or tv shows?

Hello there, Do you guys have any good French films or television shows I should watch? I'm taking a French class at my school and I'm very interested to get more into French films. Please comment is you have any suggestions. Thank you!

October 6, 2017



Le petit Prince!!!

It's so good!!!!!

You can also watch it in english on netflix!


Thanks! Is that "The Little Prince" in English?


I've watched all the French movies on netflix a few times now... Amelie is a good movie and Populaire is ok, with dialogue that is fairly easy to follow Also I recommend Golden Moustache on youtube, it's basically a french version of CollegeHumor


If you have netflix there are quite a lot of originals dubbed in French which tends to be a lot easier to understand being spoken in a different environment and that, i would reccomend gilmore girls, good show and good dubbing as well, some of the others..not so much


On Amazon, there are tons of French films. I gave these to my French group. " Mon Apr├Ęs-midi avec Margarite" " The innocents" and "Skirt Day" all are in French with subtitles and are 5 star. Free with Prime but rental are cheap. I am French but have forgotten most. I am a retired English teacher. Be happy to help.

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