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We need a discussion area in Duolingo Clubs

Hi all,

First, thank you Duolingo for allowing us to type freely in Clubs.

My clubs are very active. As of today, 2017-10-06 Friday, my Portuguese club averages 250 weekly xp and 254 day streak across all 15 members. I'm one of the lower streaks with 151 days. My Spanish club has 273 xp / 47 day streak averages and 100% participation this week. Yes, I'm proud of my members! The intention of my clubs was to attract motivated learners based on the title and description alone, and I am very happy with the result.

Allowing us to freely comment will truly amplify the motivation. Members are now beginning to use the function to encourage one another. Currently, each free comment must be tied to a member's accomplishment in the club. While this is a great feature and allows us to acknowledge a specific achievement, it is a bit cumbersome for free flowing conversation. I would love to be able to openly discuss with club members what motivates them, methods for maintaining long streaks, and so forth. I could do this with the current format, but we would all have to search through the accomplishments area and piece the conversation together.

Since you now allow freely typing, would you please open an area within the club where the 15 members could hold a true discussion? We joined together in a specific club for a purpose; now please allow us to talk about that united purpose, share ideas, opinions, and information, in a section of the club where we can easily follow the flow of the conversation.

Thanks again for all your hard work in improving Duolingo over the years!

October 6, 2017



Hi damon, I use duolingo on a laptop and am also interested in a club, for example english-german, german-english. How can I find one. How coud I start one? It would be great if you can tell me.


Clubs are currently mobile exclusive.


Hi wickie-hey. I'm not sure if the clubs are available for laptops yet; but, don't give up hope. Duolingo may eventually make their product more consistent across all platforms.

In the meantime, here is the link to Duo's help page on Clubs:

Duolingo Clubs


Agreed. You have to scroll all the way down to know whether someone commented. .


Yes, exactly! Also, I just scrolled to the bottom of all the accomplishments, and the oldest one is only 1 day old. So if someone commented 2 days ago or more, the comment is gone!

We need a discussion area in the clubs.

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