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Any good ways to remember rules of a language?

In German there are so many different words for Eat and Read and all that. Each word goes with a certain word like Ich liese. Wir lesen (Sorry if it's wrong) I was just wondering if there is any way to remember all this confusion. I tried a Notepad but I didn't see improvement

October 6, 2017



I'm assuming you are asking how to properly conjugate verbs.

Lesen is not a regular verb.


Sie lesen and ihr lest are both plural of you tho. Ihr (informal) and Sie (formal).


No. Sie is second person singular formal you (du is informal); ihr is just the second person plural. That means you (guys)/you (all).


The verbs almost all conjugate the same.

Ich lese (I read) Du liest (You read) Wir lesen (We read)

Ich habe (I have) Du habst (You have) Wir haben (We have)

See how all the endings are the same.

I ____e

Du ____st

Wir ____en


For most verbs, they retain their base form and only the endings change. For example: The base form of machen is 'mach-', so you get Ich mache, du machts, etc. followed by the endings that other users have mentioned in their comments.

'Lesen' and 'essen are irregular because their base forms don't stay the same. The base forms would be 'les-' and 'ess-'; HOWEVER, they conjugate as follows:


Ich lese

Du liest

Er liest

Wir lesen

Ihr lest

Sie lesen


Ich esse

Du isst

Er isst

Wir essen

Ihr esst

Sie essen


You can also receive online help for conjugations, e.g., can use www.reverso.net and then select the language and type in the verb you want to conjugate. I am sure that there are many more online resources available for you to pick from. And of course, you can also find Apps in your favorite app store. With time and practice you will remember the correct verb forms.

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