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Italian films/tv

[deactivated user]

    Hi everyone, Any suggestions for Italian language films? Also, does anyone know how I can watch Italian TV shows in the UK? I feel that this would help a lot with my learning.

    Thank you De-Anna

    October 6, 2017



    Hi De-Anna Try RAI- kind of the Italian broadcasting equivalent of the BBC. You can stream their content- I haven't encountered geo-blockers on the site. A really good mix of programming- the usual dramas and movies. You could start with kids programming if you are a beginner. Also programs that have a narrow (relatively speaking) and predicable vocabulary like cooking shows or sport may be interesting and useful.


    Novecento? Uccellacci e uccellini?

    • 1817

    If you download the rai replay app or use the rai replay website you can see many tv programs..I don't know if it works abroad though

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