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"Pod našimi okny je široká ulice."

Translation:There is a wide street under our windows.

October 6, 2017



This answer is identical: "Under our windows is a wide street."


I agree ! So frustrating to get a wrong answer when it is completely identical"


The wording you used is understandable, but it's not the natural way it would be said in English. What Duolingo offers is the natural way of saying that in English.


It is accepted, 2020-06.


Is there a reason I cannot use the word “broad” instead here?


FWIW, Google translates both "wide street" and "broad street" as "široká ulice." I think in the US most people would probably use "wide," but there's nothing wrong with "broad." You might want to Report this if you get it again, since "broad" MAY just have been overlooked as a valid translation.


"A wide street is under our windows" was not accepted, and it suggests a solution of "A wide street runs under our windows."

I don't see anything explicit regarding the word "runs", would it be implicit here?


I troes this as well. It seems like a simple matter. There is a wide street... and a wide street is... mean the same thing to me.


I have added "...a wide street is..." and similar variants. I think "is" was just missing from one of the translation groups, as it appeared in another one.


"There is a broad street beneath our windows” should be accepted


Right, "broad" was missing, added.

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