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Amazing :) thanks to the course contributors!

My interface was set to learning German from Turkish, so I received the e-mail notification below that a translation I suggested by reporting has now been added in Turkish. It was for a sentence in the Spanish from English course - or the other way round, I do not remember that exactly...

Two things made me smile:
A: that I received an email in which three languages were used - even if it has been an automatically generated notification and
B: all the work the course contributors actually do behind the scene - without being noticed. Complaining about missing alternative translations is easy, it is necessary to report those to improve the quality, AND thanks to all the contributors who continuously work on this :-)

Selam SteffiBookworm, "Yo vivo en España y trabajo en Europa." için çeviri olarak şunu önermiştin: "I live in spain and work in europe". Artık bu çeviriyi de kabul ediyoruz :-) Yaptığın katkı için çok teşekkür ederiz, aynen devam! - Duolingo'dan SaraGalesa

October 6, 2017



Bu çok Güzel Steffi! :))

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