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  5. "Jíme, abychom žili."

"Jíme, abychom žili."

Translation:We eat to live.

October 7, 2017



Why not 'we eat in order to live'? 'We eat in order to be alive' is not a sentence I'd ever say in English


"we eat so we live"?


Jíme, takže žijeme.


Christine, your suggested sentence is not a good translation of the Czech, if that is what you were asking. (ValaCZE has given you the Czech for your sentence.)

"We eat so we live" states that living is a consequence of eating. In contrast, "We eat (in order) to live" states the reason beforehand that we eat. We may or may not in fact live as a result.


I think she meant it as "we eat so that we live". Would you never leave out the "that" in a sentence like this?


i second "We eat to live" and "We eat in order to live"


The english typically flattens subtlety. With žít in conditional, isn't something like this intended: 'one eats so that one might live'?

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