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"No one had represented the city yesterday."

Translation:Niemand hatte die Stadt gestern vertreten.

March 13, 2013



Why can't "gestern" go after "hatte"? I thought the Wann-Wie-Wo rule demanded it.


If your solution is "Niemand hatte gestern die Stadt vertreten", it is correct.


It doesn't have to go before hand but if it did then the sentence would be "gestern hatte niemand.....vertreten. The verb always goes second.


Perhaps someone can report this. It cost me a heart, and after DL's redesign the report function does not work for me anymore.


Isnt the usual order supposed to be subject, verb, time, manner, place, direct obj, ind obj, etc.? Seems like gestern really should go after hatte. I think this answer is wrong but i'm not an advanced speaker.


Duo's sentence is fine. But you could also put it after "hatte". That works, too.

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