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How do people feel about the new motivational feature of the app?

Because - probably not surprisingly, given my feelings about Memrise - I really dislike it. It actually startles me to have this owl pop up, and feedback like "You've answered five questions in a row correctly - congratulations" feels unnecessary and frankly somewhat condescending. (I am not a toddler, thank you.)

But how about others - do you find it helpful?

October 7, 2017



If it helps some people, great, but personally I'd like the option to turn it off.


My preference would be to have just numbers on the strength bar. They tell me both how many errors I made and how many I get right in a row WITHOUT the stupid owl popping up.


Yes, I find something concrete like numbers on the strength bar much more helpful than random encouragement thrown in. Duolingo is cute, but I really don't need him cheerleading me mid lesson, if anything I find it a little offputting.


Yeah i miss the numbers from the strength bar on the online exercises. they give you a clear read of your ability in the set of questions.


The Android version of the app has an option for turning this off. I think they just assume iOS users would never want to turn off something like this... :P


How does one do this? I find it silly. I just hope Duolingo doesn't ever add background music.


I just went through my settings - there is nothing there. Then again, this ra-ra-ra owl is new (and I haven't seen it in any French lessons), so maybe a turn-off option is still in the works. Here's hoping.


The app you're talking about is the iOS one, right? I have no idea what the settings page looks like on iOS, but here's what it looks like in the Android app:

I think those settings are what it's set to by default. I just installed the app to take this screenshot and then deleted it off my phone again. ^^


Indeed, in Android it's under Settings > General > Motivational Messages.


At first, for me, it was kind of annoying - but a couple of times when I was making mistakes over and over, it popped up reminding me that getting answers wrong was still helping me learn... and it did help. A little. At least stopped me just giving up for the day... :)


Personally I ignore it but it is there to motivate people and I am sure some will be motivated by it. It does me no harm so why worry.


Same here, I find it annoying and somewhat condescending. Therefore I always turn it off ASAP when i switch to a new device.


I haven't seen it yet, thank goodness, and I hope I never do.


I have to agree. The first time I saw it I was just going over a few things and I also found it really condescending lol.

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