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  5. "Keys are like that."

"Keys are like that."

Translation:열쇠는 저래요.

October 7, 2017



What is the stem of 저래요? 저래?



It is called ㅎ irregular. Some verbs/adjective with ㅎ at the end will lose the ㅎ when they meet a vocal, and 아/어 becomes 애.

I suggest you learn irregulars firstly before proceeding otherwise you'll get lost.


It's 저렇. Go take a look at dongsa.net . There you can look up stem forms of Korean verbs or - the other way around - their conjugation. :)


저래(요) is from 저러다, which is a contraction of 저리하다 (originally 저렇게 하다 or 저와같이 되게 하다/만들다).

저러다 is a verb while 저렇다 is an adjective. 저렇다 is a contraction of 저러하다 (originally 저와 같다).

It seems like I'm splitting hairs since both conjugate as 저래(요) in the present form. But later verb conjugations will depend on your knowing the difference. So it's important to learn it now rather than get confused later.


The verb is apparently 저렇다, an irregular ㅎ verb.


I remembered the word key from the drama W : Two Worlds,, he used to tell her "내 인생의 열쇠" (that she's the key of his life) kshbr 4 years after watching it!! 수고앴어 my brain


what is the different between 저래요 and 그래요?


저래요 is like over there 그래요 is like there


Or like that or like that over there * sorry for confusion


Why is it 저래요 and not 그래요?


From a little bit of reading(which could mean I got it all wrong) is that 그래요 can also mean "okay" as well - which probably be on this section as well... either way I think it should be accepted - as it also part of the trio...


Whats the difference to 이렇게 & 그렇게?? I'm so confused ..


이렇게 = Like this 그렇게 = Like that

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