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What do I do with all of these lingots?

I was just wondering what there is to do with all the lingots I'm acquiring. The only choice that's not greyed out is "Freeze streak" and "flirting." I don't really want to do either. I'd like to do a timed practice, but I did it once and now it's greyed out. I have 68 lingots and nowhere to go!

October 7, 2017



We're hoping that with all the new updates to Duolingo, the store will be replenished soon. Until then, Prenom.Pierre said it best . . .


You have to tell yourself that one day the store will be equipped with beautiful novelties payable with lingots. It is a bet on the future.


Sixty-eight! What will you do with them all? I have 12106.

Timed practice need only be bought once and lasts forever. There is really nothing to do with lingots, once you have bought all the bonus skills, other than to award them judiciously to good forum posts. Posts asking for Finnish or Latin are always good places to fly-tip...


You give them away to people with nice profiles, helpful posts, ect. Annnd wow you guys have lots of lingots


IMO, the "freeze streak" is worth having. It comes in handy if you have to skip Duolingo one day due to health or "life" reasons. The bonus options are fun and sometimes annoying, but I enjoy them. If you want, you can also buy a "double or nothing" option for five lingots.


I usually give them away for new members when I see them and for good posts, I used to have several thousands of them, now I have 1300...Hopefully there will be some new feautures in the future which require lingots so that they fullfil some purpose at least...


I HAVE 794 ! !


Have all of my lingots


Freeze streak can be pretty useful.


I'll agree with those who said the streak freeze is a great tool. I had quite a streak going before my trip to Belgium and France a couple of years ago but lost it while travelling because access to data was spotty.

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