"Who? - He!"

Translation:Wer? - Er!

October 7, 2017

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Solution of Who? he! does not sound right in English. Who? him! does, however Duo says this is incorrect.

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    It's "who?, him!" The English is totally grammatically incorrect.


    This exercise opened my eyes; Before I would see 'Wer' and think of 'where'. I found it hard to remember that it was refering to 'who'. Now when I see 'wer' or one of its variants I think of the 'w' sound being attached to 'er' he. Making it a 'what question' in my consciousness. This allows me to quickly see 'wer' and associate it with 'was ist er' or in the gramatically correct variant 'wer ist er?'.



    Now my challenge is I don't know when it ought to be 'wer' or 'wen'.

    But to be fair, I also don't know when it ought to be 'who' or 'whom' in English either.


    That is really helpful. Thank you!

    Also, I like your profile picture


    Seems to me that {Who? He!} does not sound correct. In English I believe the correct translation (in order have proper English and not sound like a you have no clue how to speak English) would be {Who? him!) Thanks


    Wouldnt you ask Whom for him?

    I gave your jacket to this person? Whom? him!

    (This are two people talking) Ich gab dieser Person deine Jacke? Wem? Ihm!

    Das ist unser neuer Lehrer? Wer? Er!
    This is our new teacher? Who? He!

    So for the second scenario, you would say him?


    I would definitely use 'him'.


    Maybe not.

    For example, if the response was longer you can see why it might be 'he':

    • "Who ate the pizza?"
    • "He ate the pizza."


    What's with '-' before 'Er'?

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