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  5. "Vlci jsou jací?"

"Vlci jsou jací?"

Translation:What are wolves like?

October 7, 2017



I answered "what kind of wolves are they" and it wasn't accepted. is it wrong, really?


I suspect the key difference here is that "What are wolves like?" is asking about broad features of wolves, whereas "What kind of wolves are they?" is asking what specific sub-type of wolf they are, within the greater thing that is wolves. You're asking for a different type/level of detail or information.


I would say your sentence would be translated as "Jací vlci oni jsou?"


Or better "Jací vlci jsou to?" "Jací vlci to jsou" Jací jsou ti vlci?"

We use "Oni" only for persons. For animals we say "to".


What is the difference between what are they like and how are they like?


It's a common sticking point between English and German/many languages. Some of the places you would say 'wie' we would say the equivalent to 'was'. So if you were talking about someone being a wuss, you might say, Wie ein Baby. We would say, what a baby/was ein Baby.


I can't see your point. If someone behaves "wie ein baby" he behaves "like a baby". It is the same in both languages.


"How are they like" is not valid English unless you follow it with something like, "How are they like each other," which is something completely different. I think you're looking for the difference between "What are they like" and "How are they." If you're talking about people, "what are they like" is most commonly an inquiry about their personality, while "how are they" is most commonly an inquiry about how someone is feeling. With objects, "what are they like" is most commonly either an inquiry about the properties of those objects or how they compare to some other object, while "how are they" is most commonly an inquiry about the current state of those objects.


One is correct and the other one is not. This may not be the right course for you if you want to learn English as a German native.


Hi, is "Jaci jsou vlci?" different from "Vlci jsou jaci?" ??? or both are correct??


How would you ask the question "What are wolves?" in Czech? As in, what are they at all, I have never heard of one?


If you mean how we would ask if wolves are animals or something else, then i would ask "Co jsou vlci zač?"


I have a question: What is the function of "zač" in this sentence? In the dictionary it only says that it's the contraction of "za co", with an example sentence similar to the pne you gave, but since prepositions don't have a one-to-one correspondence the meaning of the word is not so clear to me...


This quite idiomatic now, the word is not used outside of this "být zač".

"Co jsi zač?" - "Who are you?" "What kind of person are you?"

Do not attempt to translate the word alone. It will not make sense.

Somewhat archaically, it is actually still used in the literal sense "za co" for the price of something:
Zač jsou ta jablka? - How much are those apples?

(meaning za co? for what?)

There some more idioms with zač, like "proč a zač", but I suggest not to worry about those.


I would say that in this type of sentences zač is not the abbreviation of za co.

If you ask Jaký/á je? Then you want to know either his/her physical appearance or his/her chatacter. It just depends on context.

Co je zač? Then you want to know her/his character.

But zač is not commonly used in spoken czech it's mostly used on literature.


I think, it would be "Co jsou vlci?" Or "Vlci jsou co?" if we speak about any animals.


How are wolves was marked as wrong but why?


That is not correct English.

You could ask "How are the wolves?" if you want to ask if they are OK or if they are happy, but that is something completely different.


From what I've learned about word order so far, it's the last word that signifies where the stress is.

So would this be like asking, "Wolves are like WHAT?" or "WHAT are wolves like?" (as if to say, "Excuse me, but WHAT did you just say wolves are like???")

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