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is anyone else having trouble with the audio cutting off before the end of the sentence?

I have reported this to Duo and got a message back a week ago to say that they are working on it, but I am wondering who else is having this issue.

When I have an exercise in a lesson that has audio the audio stops before the end of the sentence. It also happens in the slow audio option. If I listen to the audio multiple times, it will sometimes stop in different places, but rarely gets to the end of the sentence. If I click on the discussion thread the audio for the sentence behaves normally and I can hear the whole sentence so I am assuming that it is a Duo problem not my computer.

I am on a laptop and tried it on my phone and the issue wasn't happening with the mobile version so for me at least it is just the desktop version. I also tried a couple of different language courses and it was happening with the ones i tried, so it is not just the French course.

October 7, 2017



I'm having that issue too, but in the Turkish course.


hi woof, are you using the desktop version of Duo on a computer or the mobile version on a tablet/phone?


Yes, I just started noticing it. I thought it was computer.


This problem comes and goes for me. A couple of times I've had no sound at all. I also find when the sound is cutting out early that the "bing bong" for a right answer doesn't happen either. Restarting the browser sometimes works to fix it.


i tried restarting my computer as well but that didn't help. I was using Firefox, and it still was having the audio issue after restarting, however you started me thinking about different browsers and i just did a whole lesson in Internet Explorer without any problem with the audio. I also tried Chrome but it had the same problem. Not sure if IE was a fluke, but i'll continue using that for now. What browser are you using?


I had the same problem some while back on my iPad.


i am having this problem so now when it does audio i just skip it.

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