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  5. "Je suis devenue une femme."

"Je suis devenue une femme."

Translation:I became a woman.

March 13, 2013



.. just another one of those dualingo scentences thats so vital and you say on a daily basis :)


for the transgender community? or pubescent teenage girls?


Just f.y.i.: transgendered people don't become another gender. Their gender is misidentified at birth.


This sentence made me chuckle. Don't think I have ever said this in the 20 years I have spoken French lol.


surely it could also be more prosaic, and merely be a roundabout way of saying "i married"?


No. I'm not married and I'm a woman. I could say, "After I left my parent's home, I became a woman." A girl doesn't have to get married to say she's a woman.


reaching the age of majority then?


not necessarily physically


Possibly. I would say it's something a girl could say once she feels at an age of maturity or something one may read in a fashion magazine, for example.


yes, puberty and majority are cases where french women would say this. but you cannot say je suis devenu une femme for marriage. correct ways to say this would be, je suis devenue LA femme DE [...] or, je suis devenue une epouse


or une marie? p.s. it's kind of awesome to have someone reply to a comment i'd forgotten i'd written:)


nope. la mariee only is during the ceremony, in costume. or else you have to add je suis devenue une femme mariee, which doesnt sound right since its exactly what une epouse means

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