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Oh, you want to learn a new langauge?

As I reflect on one complete year of using Duolingo, I can not stress it enough: Consistency is everything.

Sticking to your goals, (even a measly 1xp per day) will bring you closer than just winging it without a plan. Personally, I dont find it effective learning something new in chunks : as in whenever I have time or whenever I feel like it. I did a little bit of french per day and this has given me outstanding positive results.

Top three benefits I've gained: improved vocabulary, improved pronounciation, and confidence to speak to natives.

Consistency, thou art a jewel.

October 7, 2017



Interesting post but after you finished the French tree, how did you go about expanding your French speaking ability?


I found three native french speakers and I exchange with them weekly for a year so far. Tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays to be precise. This greatly improved my french speaking ability.


That's nice to hear! How did you come across them though? I plan to do this once I have a much better grasp on my French but I'm not sure how would I go about speaking to natives since I don't really know any.


good question. I would like to know their response.


Try watching films :)


I agree. As much of a pain as it is to do Duo every day, it really helps in keeping those words fresh in your mind and keeps your brain in a language-learning state!


Consistency is everything.

This applies to learning anything at all, not just languages. Literally anything that requires information recall.


oh my lord! how many languages are you learning???


But what is the key to Consistency? I have learned Swedish for 1,5 month straight without a day missing; watching Swedish series, music and youtubers . But now I find myself 6 months later starting from scratch because I completely forgot about it..


do you practise with a sweedish native? In regards to language learning, i can only recommend what works for me. Along with all my other activities, I practise my oral french at least twice a week, (sometimes more) with french natives.


Merci pour le conseil. Can you hold a conversation with native speakers now? I feel that even if I finish the tree I won't have enough vocabulary to talk with strangers.


Yes, I have conversations every week with native speakers. The tree is just one aspect of my learning. Books, movies, and finding a language partner will help one build vocabulary.


I just lost my 610 days streak because I forgot duolingo. But I have to say, in the end I came only back to duolingo to not lose the streak and to revise. I find it rather difficult to concentrate on more than one learning source and therefore think now might a good time to change to speaking french. I did have some (infrequent) contact in verbal french and I must say, I suck in it. My biggest problem is to understand sentences that are longer than two or three words. It is mostly much to fast - my working memory stops and I only understand "bla bla bla".


what are your other learning sources?


It is brutally hard. I am using the Anki 16000 sentence deck and it seems to be helping. They say a sentance and then you flip the card to see if you understood it. There are a couple French songs that I listened to so many times that I can mostly understand them; Zaz - Je Voux and Louane Emera - Maman. Both have a variety of words and are sung clearly. Follow along with written lyrics at first.

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