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  5. "저는 신발을 신는 것이 좋아요."

"저는 신발을 신는 것이 좋아요."

Translation:I like wearing shoes.

October 7, 2017



Shouldn't it be "좋아해요"?


Actually 좋아요 is correct. A는 B이/가 좋다 means literally "To A, B is good" or more naturally "A likes B".

To use 좋아해요 you'd have to use 것 instead of 것 since 좋아하다 means "to like" (as opposed to 좋다 meaning "to be good").


Both are correct; 네가 좋아요 and 너를 좋아해요 both means I like you, but the formal is more commonly used.


는 is the topic particle as mentioned in the beginning lessons. Therefore, this sentence could be translated as, "The action of wearing shoes is enjoyable to me", which although is a very uncommon phrasing in English, does make grammatical sense.


Shouldn't "것이" here be "것을" since it is an object?


No, it is a subject. It has to do with the topic marker 는 being used. You can translate it with the English expression: "as for..." I think it works almost always. The sentence lit. means: As for me, wearing shoes is good This is also tge reason why 좋다 is used and not 좋아하다


Is it an object, or is shoes the object? And could 것이 be 게 instead?


Can it also be 저는 신발을 신는 것을 좋아해요


Does this mean liking 'the process of wearing shoes' or just wearing shoes?

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