"La red es enorme."

Translation:The net is enormous.

March 13, 2013



Duolingo told me that "La red" meant "The hairnet" but then marked it wrong here, saying it's only "net". What the heck is "la red"?

March 13, 2013


I saw "hairnet" a couple of questions ago too, and couldn't resist using it here, even though I thought it probably wouldn't accept it. It was just too funny to miss: "The hairnet is enormous".

August 24, 2013


net=la red. That's it, like in English, any further meaning needs to be added, so hairnet is la red del pelo.

March 13, 2013


It's accepting hairnet now.

March 5, 2017


The first time I saw "la red" on duolingo it was translated as hairnet. I did get the answer correct, but perhaps it should be translated in its first appearance in lessons as "net".

July 30, 2013


i run into 'la red' as the internet often when i travel in Mexico

December 14, 2013


Exactly! But they marked it wrong when I put "internet"

August 8, 2014


I wrote that the web is enormous, as in the internet. Isn't 'red' also another word for the web?

June 19, 2013


Talking to a teenage Colombiana last week, I used the term, la red, for the Internet. She corrected me and said that the term is not used anymore. Even in español, one uses the word Internet. There are so many regional differences in this language, however, that you better check with a local to see what the practice is in his or her location.

September 24, 2013


Although it might be regional, the term is used, perhaps not very often, but used nevertheless... also in many publications and TV programmes

August 11, 2014


I agree - the first time I ever encountered "la red" was in reference to the "web/internet" and that was in Madrid in a language school 7/8 years ago. Don't know if things have changed since but...

October 3, 2014


I also wrote "web" instead of "net." The distinction eludes me.

October 15, 2014


The distinction being without more context you don't know if this is implying net as in internet or net as in fishnet etc. And a fishnet is definitely not the same thing as a web (a spiderweb for example), even if web could also mean internet in the appropriate context.

March 27, 2016


OK, even in the States, where everyone speaks English, web and net are regional. They mean the same thing.

October 21, 2014


no todos aquí hablan inglés y nunca escuché el término red de pesca o red de arañas. no son intercambiables en inglés

July 12, 2018


¿No todos aquí hablan inglés? ¿Por qué no? Esto es la versión de inglés de este sitio.

February 15, 2019


I wrote "the internet is enormous" and it was marked wrong. Does red not also mean the internet?

July 16, 2014


I also encountered hairnet as "la red" the first time. The slightly absurd association made me remember it very well. I think this is a practice DL should utilise more often because it is a very effective way to learn a word that has multiple meanings; the more bizarre, the more it sticks, and the easier you'll recall a semantic understanding of it.

April 20, 2014


Somewhere DL told me la red = the network. That's the way I remember it and it was accepted today 7-20-14.

July 20, 2014


I have never heard 'la red' used in the 6 years I have lived in Spain !!

July 8, 2014


La red = network so it's also for mobiles/cellphones, computers etc

July 21, 2014


"the nest is huge" accepted

August 11, 2014

  • net
August 11, 2014


two years ago the translation of "la red" into "the internet" was approved. why is it no longer a good translation?

June 2, 2018


"Internet" should be accepted. "La red" means that in many countries. I'll report it.

June 22, 2018


Red also means web i thought, but that answer want accepted. Red is used to refer to the internet too.

September 17, 2015


Is "red" here mean fishing net?? Im confused cause i thought it meant Internet.

September 26, 2016


So you're just gonna accept "internet" in one of my previous answers and then pretend that that didn't happen?

April 2, 2018


I said this phrase correctly, but got zapped. This happens a lot!

May 22, 2018


La red is the internet, but also net ?

May 25, 2018
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