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1,000 Day Streak! Woohoo!!

Hey guys!

So yesterday I finally achieved what I never thought I would achieve: a 1,000 day streak! Haha, I want to do a lesson right now, but I will do it later so I can cherish this achievement a little longer, and to get a small rest.

I don't have much more to say but to thank you all for being amazing and wonderful people on the comments and discussions sections!! All your assistance and kind words really helps a lot, especially for motivation! For those who wonder how many lingots I have, I have 6,315. I would have a bunch more, but I usually give them away to nice and helpful people.

Also, here is a list of other learning materials I use: Memrise, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, Mango Languages, Tiny Cards, YouTube videos, my hand (LOL, I always write words on it so I can stare at it all day), and books (such as French Now!, Easy French, Japanese From Zero!, etc.).

I wish you all the best in achieving your goals in Duolingo! And now to relax. :-)


October 7, 2017




That's really something to be proud of!


You have a great streak as well, it looks you will be at 1000 soon!


Gracias Rockerbox! I wish you the best in obtaining a 1,000 day streak! You're almost there! :-)


Congrats NtateNarin! 1,000 days is a huge commitment in a million tiny ways. Reserving mental energy, following through, scheduling things (so many things!) around being able to keep getting it done. These kudos are well deserved! :)


I appreciate the kind words Usagiboy7! Haha, it was hard as I traveled to many countries, and I made sure to study every single day! :-)


Congratulations! Getting a 1000 day streak requires commitment. You have practiced a language EVERY DAY for 1000 days IN A ROW! That is extremely hard to do. Once again, congratulations! And you have a lot of lingots!


Thank you FrenchByte! It was difficult at times since I traveled a lot, but I managed it! I wish you the best with your French! Bonne chance! :-)


Thank you Aprilbrown4! And congrats to you on your 711-day streak! :-)


Cheers! Congratulations, I use many of your tools as well. I'm using books recently too, mainly in english.


Thanks a bunch WarriorCleberz! And oh my gosh... all those level 25s! Congrats to you as well! I have a few novels only in French, and oh my gosh is it hard! I'm slowly getting through it though!


CONGRATULATIONS! that's amazing! (1000 day streak is a far away dream for me...) but that is awesome and well done!!


Thanks Pandatea! Take one step at a time. That's what I did, and eventually I reached a 500 day streak, and now this! I wish you the best. :-)


Woah, Amazing! Congrats!


Gracias Woof! I wish you the best in your Spanish lessons! :-)


OMG Fantastic! Well Done :))


Thanks a bunch Jennycoy1! Best wishes to you in your Portuguese!


Wow! Congratulations, that is a nice streak!


Thanks Slej4! You have a wonderful streak yourself as well! Bonne chance! :-)


Great job on reaching one of the big milestones...it is a testament to your discipline and perseverance...and it is great that you still have so much passion for your language studies.

I am curious about the picture in your photo. Is it a bird's nest?


Thanks a bunch Operaphile! You already have an impressive streak yourself!

About my photo... I was a Peace Corps volunteer who lived in a hut. I saw this hand-made hut that I loved so much, which makes beautiful smells if you put scents on top and a candle on the inside. Anyways, long story short... it kind of looks like the hut I lived in, so I bought it, took its picture, and now it's my profile pic! :-)


WOOOOOW... Well done!!!!!! (Damn... the amount of Lingots you'll get each week will be insane) XD


Thanks IAmBrave16! You have an awesome streak yourself! And as for the lingots... yup! It was a nice surprise to receive 100 lingots for my streak. :-)


wow impresive i cant even keep one


Thanks Lili177242! Just take it step by step. Concentrate more on learning instead of the streak. You may love learning your language so much you may eventually get a streak without even knowing it! :-)

[deactivated user]

    Every day since January 11, 2015...11 months before I joined. (⊙_⊙) Great job! ❤


    Thanks a bunch FelixUlvensen! I see you are addicted to languages as well! I wish you the best in learning all of them! :-)

    [deactivated user]

      Likewise, dear! Thanks for the lingots! (´• ω •`) ♡


      Woohooo!! Congrats! And fantastic job for such amazing persistence!

      That is quite a few resources you use—how often do you use each one? You sound like a hardcore polyglot, especially with that impressive streak :)


      Thanks for the kind words P-Code!

      Oh no I am not a polyglot. I'm much better in French though! The problem is I'm addicted with learning languages, so I don't concentrate on one only, which is why I'm not fluent in most of the languages I'm learning. What I usually do is French every single day, German on weekdays, Japanese on the weekends, Spanish when I meet someone speaking Spanish, and American Sign Language when I have more free time (I use Memrise for this).

      It's difficult, but I'm not hard on myself, which is why I continued my steak without being so frustrated! :-)


      I am sooo impressed! And jelly! Relax now, you've earned it. Thanks for listing the other materials you use to keep yourself entertained. (I gotta keep using the Hand Trick-thanx for the reminder). And Good JOB!!!


      Thanks a lot Sharon822547! Haha, I'm a student teacher, and my students are usually curious as to what words I'm learning (or just wondering why my hand looks dirty from all the writing) because something is usually written on my hand. I wish you the best and 20 more days for your year streak! :-)


      Congrats! Hopefully some day I'll reach that too.


      Thank you Monkey_47! You're doing really well so far! Before you know it, you'll be past a year than eventually 1,000 days. I wish you the best! :-)


      Félicitations! vous allez continuer?


      Merci beaucoup Marie-Clai133496! Je vais continuer! J'adore le français! :-)


      That's an awesome milestone and worth celebrating. Well done!


      Thank you Pippipippip! Also, congrats to you on your 641-day streak! :-)


      tous mes felicitations! ç'est extrêmement important d'avoir une cohérence


      Merci beaucoup MissR15! Je suis d'accord avec vous! And congrats on your year streak!!!!! :-)




      Merci beaucoup Lorel90!!! And congrats on your amazing 1,087-day streak!!!! :-)


      Congratulations for your 1000-day streak! May it continue to grow! :)


      Thank you Buck72! Also, congratulations to you on all the level 25s and all the languages you are learning! I wish you the best! :-)


      Thank you NtateNarin for your congratulations! Also, thank you for the Lingots! :)


      It really good. Congrats for 1000 streaks.


      Thank you DestarteK1st! I wish you the best in your language learning! :-)


      I find it really hard to even maintain a 7 day streak! But congratulations though! 1,000 days in a row shows a lot of commitment. Happy studying! :)


      Thank you Meyy26! I say take it one step at a time. Don't concentrate on the streak, and if you love learning languages, you will naturally get a streak going. I wish you the best in your Spanish and Italian! :-)


      Congratulations. That's fantastic!


      Merci beaucoup SaraGalesa! I wish you the best in all the languages you are studying and congrats on your 403-day streak! :-)


      Congratulations!... Félicitations!... ¡Felicidades!... Glückwünsche!... 賀詞... Sorry, but no idea if the Japanese is any where near correct :-)


      Danke, kea leboha, merci, grazie, arigatou, thank you! Haha, I'm so early in Japanese that I'm not sure if it is correct, but I appreciate your kind words! I wish you the best, Lynne_p, on your language learning and congrats on your amazing 920-day streak!!!!!!!!! :-)


      That's a great start!!! LOL Way to go !


      Thanks a lot FredMefford! And congrats on your 1+ year streak! :-)


      Thats great. It takes a dedicated learn to pull that off. :)


      Thank you ALeason! I wish you the best in your Portuguese course! :-)


      That's a big accomplishment! There are so many different ways to lose a streak. Getting sick, oversleeping, being busy, even the internet shutting down, or just being tired and not feeling up to it. But to keep at it for 1,000 days despite all the things that can keep you from wanting to miss just one day...You've really done well! <3


      Thank you Kiyomice! It was hardest when I was on vacation. Traveling to different countries, I had to be sure to use Duolingo when I wake up. Anyways, I wish you the best in your Spanish and Korean! :-)


      Thank you Antonstalros! I wish you the best in your language learning! :-)


      That's great to hear I am proud of you! That shows that hard work pays off!!

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