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Should I learn Italian from Spanish or English?

Which should I start from?

Doing Spanish would give me practice in both languages, but I don't know as much Spanish as English, so I could get lost with words a few times.


October 7, 2017



Perhaps you should give the Italian from Spanish a try. Like just to the second checkpoint. Like this, you would not lose too much time, if it doesn't work out well for you (because of the similarities).


Do it from Spanish. You are less likely to get the two languages confused that way, and you practice your Spanish. Plus it will prevent you from relying on English, you'll start going directly to Spanish. Yes, you will make more errors, but it's a great way to learn.


There will be more similarities from Spanish to Italian. I did Portuguese on here from Spanish, and I found it helpful, interesting, and a challenge.


I suggest doing it from Spanish. I don't think you'll get lost with words, or at least, very often, and it would be great for practicing your Spanish.


As far as I know the selected words of the different trees are mostly the same, so being you a level 25 in Spanish here in Duolingo, you shouldn't have many problems with your Spanish. Maybe you would go a little slower than if you took the Italian from English, but you would have the benefit of working two languages at the same time and I think it would be more fun.


I think it would be way easier studying Italian from Spanish because of their similarity, but if you are still studying Spanish you might get confused and end up mixing them. Anyway if you have a solid knowledge of Spanish I'd suggest you to study Italian from it since they have very similar vocabulary and their grammar is not that different either.


Is it smart to learn another language bouncing off a language you're not stable in? I don't really know, maybe good practice... ?


If you are not a native Spanish speaker then there's a high risk of mixing Spanish and Italian since they are very similar so I suggest you learn Italian from English.


Bob20020, do you have a old stream page? if so, let me know. I would like to interview you!


Maybe try both like make a sepaerate account to see which one you like better, then stick with that one.

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