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  5. "이틀 동안 어디가?"

"이틀 동안 어디가?"

Translation:Where are you going for two days?

October 7, 2017



does "where do you go for two days?" also work?


Duo marked it as wrong for me, but I think it should be correct


Where is the "we" here?


Hi Kathi, I'm not sure where you are getting "we". If you mean where is the subject, since it is a question and there is no subject in the sentence then it's implied that the listener is the subject. :)

As bonus info, days use their own counting system:

하루: one day 이틀: two days 사흘: three days 나흘: four days 닷새: five days 엿새: six days 이레: seven days 여드레: eight days 아흐레: nine days 열흘: ten days

[deactivated user]

    Am I not understanding some context to this sentence, or is there no verb? 이틀 = two days, 동안 = for, 어디가 = where?


    가 = implies go/going from what I understand /이틀 = two days, 동안 = for, 어디가 = where (going)


    Right, but Duo is again sloppy in translating ... the verb is present tense "Where do you go?" "Going" would be "가고 있니?". OK, the Koreans seldom use the present progressive, so you can claim "going" is not incorrect, but surely "go" IS correct and is not accepted.

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