Discussion Bugs?

Hey guys, ever since the big forum restart, there's been a few bugs here and there, as you might have noticed. Here's some I found:

  1. Sometimes, the number by the discussion name in the little caption box that shows the number of comments in that discussion won't be equal to the number of comments in the discussion. I find this bug most often in this discussion .

  2. [PATCHED] Sometimes, when I try to reply to a reply, 2 reply windows will open, both for the reply and the main comment. For example, if someone commented on this discussion, then someone replied to that comment, then if I tried to reply to the reply, 2 reply windows would appear, one for the main comment, and one for the reply I was trying to reply to, as if I was replying to both. (Man, that was hard explaining!)

  3. In the popular discussion tab, I can only scroll so far before no more discussions load up. So yeah. If you are an admin/staff, please patch/fix these bugs, or get into contact with someone with the ability to fix these bugs. Until next time,


EDIT: Also, up/downvoting is reeeeally finicky sometimes.

2ND EDIT: When someone comments on either one of my discussions or my comment, I do not get a notification.

October 7, 2017

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Hi, staff have asked us to report bugs here:

October 7, 2017
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