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  5. "Kdy se berou?"

"Kdy se berou?"

Translation:When are they getting married?

October 7, 2017



Isn't it "Kdy SI berou?"


In the Tips and Notes for this lesson. the table called 'Verbs with the genitive' gives si instead of se with this verb. If the table is wrong, it should be changed.


SI is correct there. BRÁT can have both SI and SE depending on its meaning. BRÁT SI is to take something for yourself (or yourselves). Bereme si kousek dortu (we are taking a piece of cake). When you get two people taking each other for husband and wife (or wife and wife, husband and husband) it is the only case where SE is implemented. But only in plural. WE TAKE EACH OTHER = BEREME SE. If two (or more) people are involved in taking something like a cake, a car, it is SI. Even if the car is one and we take it for both of us.

When one of them is talking about taking the other person for a husband or a wife, it, again, is BRÁT SI. Because I am not referring to activity we both do, but to activity I do. BERU SI FRANTIŠKA. But JÁ A FRANTIŠEK SE BEREME.


how can I decide by listening whether it is 'kdy' or 'kde'?


They are different sounds. Try listening again and again until you can hear that the end of kdy is not the same as the end of se and the start of berou.
KdY sE bErou

Try alternating between these two pronunciations on forvo kdy vs kde


"When are they marrying each other" ?


Grammatically your suggestion isn't exactly wrong, but I think it's a too-literal translation of the Czech sentence and would rarely be used. "When are they getting married" is the standard way of asking the question.

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