In old duolingo, from what I've seen from old discussions, posts like ''I finished my tree!'' ''I reached level 25!'' ''I leveled up!'' were all considered spam. There's nothing wrong with those posts except that they're not always helpful, but now, when we see those posts, we upvote them and (sometimes) give them lingots. Has spam really become so numerous that when we see a post that used to be considered spam, we upvote and lingot it? Every time I tell people to please not spam when I see a spam post, people defend that post and ask me what is wrong with me. I don't mind that, but seriously, do we really get that much spam that spam is considered by some people to be guideline-following and perfectly okay? What do you think?


October 7, 2017


I don't think finishing a tree or reaching level 25 has ever really been considered spam. Those are milestones very few reach (and even fewer now that immersion is gone). Those posts may also contain useful advice for beginners or stories that are otherwise encouraging or relatable. Not only are those stories and advice missing from the "I reached level 3!!!" posts, they aren't that rare achievements so the discussion would be flooded with them if everyone posted something every time they leveled up.

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    but like " hi ", or some short, strange posts, they are spam.

    The percentage of people who finish a tree or reach level 25 may be low, but in raw numbers, there are a considerable number of people who have done one and/or the other (sometimes multiple times).

    If the post is no more than that, then it is a bit useless. But if they provide it with good detail about their progress, methods and how the tree has helped them etc, nothing wrong with such posts!

    I think there has has always been a gray area between posts that are clearly spam and posts that are clearly legit. Just because some people complained about a certain type of post in the past doesn't mean that everyone thought that type of post was spam.

    You can always down-vote a post you think is spam or otherwise inappropriate, but I'd leave it up to the moderators to discuss the issue. People will push back even if their post is clearly off-topic and you tell them that - and you don't have the authority to enforce the rules. Plus, as I believe the moderators have said in the past, a lot of folks who think they know what constitutes spam are wrong.

    I think it's good because they get motivation from other people and when people give tips like "Now you should start watching TV shows in this language" it is helpful.

    All these posts complaining about spam/down-voting or offering fascinating insights into the historiography of the lingot, etc. are spam.
    Finishing a tree/level 25/1000-day streak threads have never been considered spam so far as I've been here. Reaching level 3/10-day streak/I have 20 lingots!-type threads will probably get down-voted very quickly. People will generally well judge whether an achievement is worthy of acclaim.

    Hmmm Well, I'm personally ok with it, I mean we're all people, we're all in this together, when you're happy about something, post a happy post. I don't think its really a big deal, any of it. As long as its like a little bit language related? Maybe it can be deleted after a bit because its not going to help anybody who needs an answer to a problem... but... I don't know. Don't really care either. I'll stay out of it. :) You're right, Woof.

    I think it's good for them. It makes them feel good about themselves.

    Since the activity streams were removed, the quality of the forums has gone down by quite a bit, so that may be a part of it. Certainly I see a lot less moderator activity in the forums over the last few months; more posts are simply removed without explanation. (When the activity stream existed, there was a place that moderators could discuss forum behavior with users, if needed, after deleting an irrelevant post.)

    Also, posts tend to contain much less "serious" language discussion at the beginning of the school year due to many younger/new Duolingoists who may not have read and/or may not care about following the guidelines.

    I downvote a lot of spam, but usually leave the "level up" and tree finishing posts alone, despite the fact that I think they aren't really appropriate use of the forums. It's hard to downvote someone's enthusiasm for learning.

    Just to clarify: when posts are removed, moderators are still supposed to explain to the person why their post was deleted. It's just that it's done via email now so our efforts are not as visible to the general public.

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      Maybe it is more accepted now because the activity stream is gone.

      I agree with the activity stream post above. I am more active on the discussion since returning to Duolingo because I miss the Activity stream. Languages are a social tool. Duolingo creates Duo Events but removes Activity stream and never changes the discussion tab... seems conflicting.

      We need a Duolingo forum.

      We need a Duolingo forum for language help, learning, and to increase the overall experience of language learning with the app and just in general.

      Duo has started to allow free discussion in the clubs now, so I wonder if that might change things in the forums a bit? Although I’m not sure how you would get back in contact with old friends, at least we can make new ones.

      What makes spam spam? Honestly, those posts are about positivity and sharing happiness about how much Duolingo has helped them. I'd personally rather see posts like that, than see posts complaining about those posts.. No offense intended - I'm just saying we all deem different discussions on varying levels of importance. Why would you consider that spam, but not this? Neither of them are "helpful". necessarily, but that doesn't mean they should be removed. Just my opinion.

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