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Methods for maintaining your level skills.

Hello! I always wondered how I would maintain my level skills so as not to forget the words and phrases I have learned.As a student,I hadn't(and still haven't) got enough time to use duolingo every day so I found other methods.Here are some:

  1. S O N G S : I decided to start listening not only greek and English songs,but also French and Italian too.Every time I listen to a song,i find its lyrics and I try to translate it in my language.It's an amusing procedure and I also discover other countries' music features, which makes me really happy.

  2. F I L M S: Well ,you now think how you can see a whole film in an unknown language! It's simple: instead of setting your mother tongue's subtitles, try to set subtitles in the language you want to practice.For example,i am Greek and when I want to watch an English film,i set French subs so as to practise my English skills in listening and my French skills in reading and understanding.

  3. A R T I C L E S: Ι have found some sites with topics I am interested to (music,recipes etc) that are not really difficult in comprehension so as to have a daily contact with the vocabulary of the foreign language I learn.

These are my methods and I am really satisfied from the results they offer.I hope that they will help you ,too.Please comment if you use an other method so as to share our thoughts !

ΣΑΣ ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ(thanks in greek:) )

October 7, 2017



I play games games in the target language (english) and read tons of articles :) series are also a very good thing


Since I often find myself in boring situations (In maths class, on the public bus, etc.), I like to name items in German (In my head). Things like foods or simple objects can help me. It also helps to walk around my house and name things I see, obviously in any language that I am learning.


oh that's really nice!:)

[deactivated user]

    I like the idea of listening to music to help with your language learning, think I'll have a look on youtube for some great sounding Spanish music!


    it's a great idea :)


    I agree with you.Live chat is another style which help to fix vocabularies.Videos of "slow" language is also effective.Unfortunately,google translation not always of help regarding grammer.


    Thanks this is helpful!


    I am happy for helping you :)


    To add: it's also important that you are interested in the film you're watching and that you like the music you're hearing... try not to watch/listen just because it's in the target language.

    Music has certainly helped me in my learning... although when we suggest ''music'' or ''films'' alone for learning languages, I feel we need some more detail. For example: at what level should we start using these methods? How would an elementary student study the music differently from an intermediate? Watching a film that you understand 10% of is certainly not a good idea in my opinion.


    of course you have to like the film and music you choose!It's essential!I haven't mentioned it because I took it for granted. As for your questions, these methods are used when you have a basic knowledge of a language.For example,as I have better skills in French ,I can watch a film ,but as my Italian skills are not so good I choose to watch for example cartoons (mickey mouse) or series that appeal to kids.Also,i watch series in youtube which include basic dialogues of a language and then I try to pronounciate correctly the words.


    The nice thing about language learning, is that despite how horribly long and hard it can seem, it is often easily combinable with things we like (eg. music and films). I am very happy I reached the stage where I can learn this way. I hated the early stages of learning where I was learning but couldn't do anything with the language... I hardly know how I got through it now.

    I use Tagada Jones for learning French, but the style is hardcore punk, not for everyone.


    this early stage you mention when we learn the bacic ones ,is necessary though.Think that without this stage you couldn't reach the level you wanted.It's logic to pass through this stage firstly and in my opinion is an interesting stage too because you can observe the progress you achieve.Fortunelaty or unfortunately we are not born with inborn language and generally information,but it depends from our willingness to learn new things.This procedure of learning excites me!!!!!!:)


    It is a must, sadly. I did indeed go through it in French... upon reflexion, I don't really know how I did it, but either way, am glad it's over... so no more to worry about. Everything is going well now. :)

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