"Poșeta ta are multe fermoare."

Translation:Your purse has many zippers.

October 7, 2017

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Zip in English, zipper in American. Is this 'purse' in American, meaning 'handbag ' in English?


Yes - in England a purse would go in a handbag (for a woman; the male equivalent to a purse is a wallet).


I think the word bag can be also used in British English as purse in American English.


French " FERMOIRS" but in this case it is ' FERMETURE ECLAIR which is exactly ZIPPER in english.


2019-08-14 Oui, I knew which word meant "zipper" because I associated the "ferm" with the French & Italian for "to close".

2019-08-21 But why is multi not considered a typo for multe, in the listening exercise?


The site, in my experience, doesn't consider minor, one-letter changes as typos in one case: when the word they produced exists and is different from the one intended.

"multi" is a word and has a different meaning. (In fact has more than one meaning, https://dexonline.ro/definitie/multi ) In the closest to "multe" of these meanings "multi" is an adjective describing a masculine noun. (It would be spelled as mulți.)


"Zips" (BrE) accepted, but not "handbag" (BrE). Reported.



For "purse" in English, it is handbag or bag. Similarly, for "zippers" , zips should be accepted. It is always the American version we are obliged to use. I am a native English speaker. Please consider realigning your computer responses. Thank you.


Thanks for the agreement!


has a lot of zippers OR has many zippers that was the question ...

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