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Discussion page

Am i the only one that hates the discussion page format? i have to go through dozens of replies just to see the next main comment. Would be 5x better to have a "view comments" button below the main comments to view reply's.

October 7, 2017



I know. As much as I love duo, the forum is crap


I also struggle with the discussions. I don't think your solution would work though because often exactly what is needed is found within nested replies. Having said that I cannot think of a solution.

Perhaps, if we had more moderators we could have a FAQ page for each skill, but we don't have more moderators so that's out of the question.

At least DL is free and we do have some very good moderators who do look in on the discussions. If the discussion is a long one I sometimes d a rapid 'first pass' of the discussion, scrolling down and just checking what mods have said, if they have looked into that discussion.

Of course there are lots of other helpful DLers but it is easier to scroll down looking for mods as they have the distinctive atavars (is that the right word?)

Further, I often learn things which I had not considered previously from other DLers in their comments when reading the whole thread.

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