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Pursuit of french learning

I've been on and off from learning French which i acquired a few basic knowledge back in high school. My memory has failed me greatly and i keep procrastinating learning French for a long time. Now that i'm back, i will focus to learn this language and best of all, be fluent in it. I'm a Nigerian and i'm fluent in my native language Igbo from the Eastern region of Nigeria and English as a universal language. Also studied English in the university but not enough. French is next and then Spanish. I will need guidance from anyone and everyone. It is my goal to be fluent in speaking French and maybe some of Spanish if i'm ambitious.

October 7, 2017



French is hell difficult for understanding. You could learn three other Romance language for the time you need to learn French. Better chose Spanish over French.


Hi ChiamakaOb1, welcome to the Duolingo community!

There is a lot to learn when it comes to navigating Duolingo and the community. Along with the official Community Guidelines, there are various community norms. You can read about some of those by visiting the Duolingo Wiki FAQ discussion.

As for your goal of strengthening your French skills, do you have any specific goalposts you've set for yourself? Like, finishing the Duolingo course, doing the reverse course, reading a book in French by x date, etc.? Just curious. Also, wow that is awesome that you are fluent in more than one language and already working on your third. :D

Bonne chance pour tes ├ętudes!


Oh hey, PS you are invited to join the 100XP Bunny Challenge. It might help you stay motivated this week with a short term, daily goal. :)


I'm on the same journey! I learnt French school, but school didn't help me much to speak or write the language. Duolingo has helped me more than school ever has, even though I still have much to learn. Good luck on your journey, and just remember to have fun.

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