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Cebuano/Bisaya On TinyCards!

I've kept a tiny secret from you guys...

I've made Card Decks on TinyCards for Cebuano/Bisaya!

A Link For My Website: https://learncebuanowithelijah.weebly.com/

Profile Link Here: https://tiny.cards/users/ElijahGolpeSK7

I'm basing the cards off of other languages and what cards they have (like the Spanish, French, German courses, I'm basically stealing photos and word ideas and using them for my cards). There are also some extra cards explaining grammar, but I find it very hard to teach complex things in small cards. XP

So, I want to try and make a little Tips and Notes on these Discussions for the TinyCards course!

Disclaimer: I'm not fluent in Cebuano though! Most of my mom's family and herself are fluent however, and with the help of some Bisayan people on here, I'm hoping y'all can help me achieve this goal, to at least get somewhere with this language. I've grown up not knowing Cebuano fluently and I really want to learn it finally. So I've studied it for a while and I'm not fluent yet but I'm getting there, and I'm willing to learn more along with you guys.

If you're fluent in Cebuano, feel free to correct my Tips and Notes and contribute to sentences and everything!

I will link the Tips and Notes Contents Here when I have them ready!:

Basics 1: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26329681

October 8, 2017



Cool to see some Cebuano decks on TinyCards! Fun fact: The Cebuano Wikipedia has the second most amount of articles on Wikipedia, totaling at about 5,366,000+ articles!


I assume you looked at this: https://meta.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wikipedias

That figure seems a little dubious, given they only have four admins and 171 active users. Also files is zero and depth is one.

My best guess is that someone scripted a bulk copy of the English Wikipedia and ran it through Google Translate or something. Just a guess though. The only evidence I found was that all twenty pages I randomly sampled were all edited by lsjbot a year ago. That's just the sort of name you would give to a script.


I think that sounds like a cool fact but I agree a bit with jimnicholson here, mostly because it's so hard for me to find some good sources to learn Cebuano that THOROUGHLY teaches the grammar well. If it doesn't mention ergativity or verbs being predicates, etc. It's busted and I drop it. And there aren't many good sources according to this. X/ Hence why I am trying my best to juggle my life and Cebuano studies for this. I'm really excited to try and teach Cebuano for once. So many people speak the language and yet it's so miniscule in grammar online. :) I'm glad you're excited, please spread word if it pleases you. :D)


Hey Is it possible for the cards to have audio?


Great. I will have a look at it. Keep up the good work.

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