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  5. "Imeshindwa kwa goli moja"

"Imeshindwa kwa goli moja"

Translation:It has been defeated by one goal

October 8, 2017



It would seem like "they" would be a more proper pronoun in this setting. Even when we are taking about a team, which technically is one unit, and is treated as such in Swahili, it is common to say "they" in English.


Is it Imeshindwa or Nimeshindwa that translates to I...because I feel Duo marked me wrong for a correct answer!!


'ni-' means I, 'i-' means it, which makes strange English in this sentence. Maybe 'it' refers to a team?


Team is timu in Swahili and I believe timu is part of the N/N noun class. As an N class noun the singular prefix would be 'i' - Imeshindwa (the team was defeated). But, as a standalone sentence I do agree with vtopphol who says 'they' would be more correct at least in an English speaking sense.


I wrote.. It but Duo instead suggested... I as a correction!


This is what the sentence says, I agree but it does not make sense without more context. I cannot think of It in this context as a proper sentence.


Correct English would be ‘they’ not ‘it’.


What is the difference between "it has lost" and "it has been defeated"?


should be nimeshindwa. if referring to timu then imeshindwa would be correct.

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