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"Toho medvěda potřebuju pro ni."

Translation:I need that bear for her.

October 8, 2017



I would have thought that 'Toho medvěda potřebuji pro ní' would be more formal. Why the choice of potřebuju?


Both potřebuji and potřebuju are grammatically correct. Like you said, "potřebuji" is used in formal texts, "potřebuju" is used pretty much everywhere else. You've made a little mistake there though. You need the accusative "pro ni" (short i).


Confirming. The difference between "ni" (short) and ní (long) can be very important. Try to think of a sentence "Myslím na ni. Making the same mistake (na ní) will change the meaning from "I think of her" to "I think on her." Very easy way to get slapped ;-)

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