"Toho medvěda potřebuju pro ni."

Translation:I need that bear for her.

October 8, 2017

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I would have thought that 'Toho medvěda potřebuji pro ní' would be more formal. Why the choice of potřebuju?


Both potřebuji and potřebuju are grammatically correct. Like you said, "potřebuji" is used in formal texts, "potřebuju" is used pretty much everywhere else. You've made a little mistake there though. You need the accusative "pro ni" (short i).

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Confirming. The difference between "ni" (short) and ní (long) can be very important. Try to think of a sentence "Myslím na ni. Making the same mistake (na ní) will change the meaning from "I think of her" to "I think on her." Very easy way to get slapped ;-)


Také potrebuji medveda :)


A pro koho? :)


... for her. (?) :)


já potřebuji -je přece správně já potřebuju- správně rozhodně není


Jak jste na to přišla? Dívala jste se do slovníku? Asi ne, že? Jen tak střílíte od boku.


ne správně je - toho medvěda potřebuji !


Potřetí opakujete totéž. Nemáte pravdu (správně je obojí). Tohle už je spam.


Refrain from spamming and spreading nonsense. Oficiální varování č. 1: přečtěte a dodržujte https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines. Let's avoid exploring the alternative, shall we?


Prosim, why is toho (2nd case neuter) used vs tamtoho for masculine animate for the word "that" , isn't this a 4th accusative case bear? Isn't toho used for neuter nouns and a bear is masculine animate.
"That" Masculine animate cases: 1) Tamten 2) Tamtoho 3) Tamtomu 4)Tamtoho 5) - 6) Tamtom 7) Tamtim. Thanks in advance.


This has nothing to do with genders or cases.

"that" is "ten" (masculine), which is then declined the way you listed, minus the "tam-".

And then you can add the prefix "tam-" to it, which makes it somewhat closer to "that one there". It's not easy because English "the" and "that" don't match up with Czech "ten" and "tamten". Plus you can use the "-hle-" affix as well, to get "tamhleten", which is "that one over there, look where I'm pointing" :-))

  • medvěda -- a bear or the bear
  • toho medvěda -- between the bear and that bear
  • tamtoho medvěda -- between that bear and that bear there
  • tamhletoho medvěda -- that bear over there
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