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  5. "시상식은 어디에 있습니까?"

"시상식은 어디에 있습니까?"

Translation:Where is the awards ceremony?

October 8, 2017



시상식은 어디에서 열립니까? or 시상식은 어디에서 하죠? These expressions are better.


BUis2, could you explain why the alternatives are better? Thanks.


授賞式 is the hanja equivalent to 시상식 here in case anyone was looking for it


That's what the Japanese would call it, but 授賞式 is 수상식. 시상식 is 施賞式. The dictionary calls it the difference between conferring (授ける=부여하다) and bestowing (施す=실시하다) gifts, whatever that is . . .

"To confer is a person of high station tranfers a precious object, say, or excellent skills/techniques to a person of low station. It implies possession. . . . To bestow means a person of weak standing being given something of value in their lives without requiring reward from them. It's also used for fertilizing plants, say." 【2】「授ける」は、上位の者が、貴重なものやすぐれた技術などを、下位の者に移動し、所有させる意。. . . 【4】「施す」は、弱い立場にある人に、無償で利益となる物事をもたらす意。植物に対しての肥料などの移動にも使われる。


It should also accept "award ceremony"

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