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[WIU] Weekly Incubator Update: 2017, Week 40.

Note: Data retrieved on 2017/10/08 at 06:56 (UTC).

I. Phase 1 Courses

I.A. Transfers

  • Exits (Courses reaching BETA Phase): None.
  • Entries (Courses entering the Incubator): None.

I.B. Completion Summary

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(A) This week's value automatically generated from Duolingo's statistics.
(S) This week's value self-reported by the team of volunteers working on the course.

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II. Latest News from Course Volunteers (All Phases)

Course "English from Polish" (Phase 3)

By br0d4 on 2017/10/07 (full text here)

Zmiany, zmiany, zmiany...

Kurs języka angielskiego dla osób polskojęzycznych został uruchomiony w styczniu roku 2014. Minęł...

Course "Italian from French" (Phase 3)

By MammaMariaNatale on 2017/10/02

Plus de la moitié des leçons ont maintenant des conseils!

Pour être précis: 36 leçons sur 66 ont maintenant des conseils. Lisez-les et faites-nous part de vos remarques!

Course "Greek from English" (Phase 3)

By lindakanga on 2017/10/02 (full text here)


Hey everyone!

We are beyond excited to announce that t...

III. Previous Weekly Incubator Updates

See this index of WIUs.

October 8, 2017



Go Chinese and Indonesian! It’s good to see progress from both!


Great to see Chinese making more progress! 继续加油!


But sadly no Yiddish


Yeah that's kinda sad.

[deactivated user]

    and sadly no Hindi. :(


    FYI: "Japanese from English" and "Korean from English" are released on the web version of Duolingo.
    See here the official announcement.

    [deactivated user]

      ya ! I am so happy.


      Thanks for posting this Jrikhal!

      Impressive to see how much progress Indonesian and Chinese made! Thanks contributors, and I can't wait for these to be released in Beta!

      MamaMariaNatale's post translated:

      More than half of the lessons now have tips!

      To be specific: 36 lessons out of 66 now have tips [and notes]. Read them and share your comments with us!

      Br0d4's post translated:

      The English language course for Polish-speaking students was launched in January 2014, more than 3 years have passed since the last entry on this course, and a lot has changed since then.

      First of all, the composition of the Team working on this course has changed significantly over the past 3 years. For those who have contributed a great deal of their work to this course, we should thank all its users, but also the current Team for the continuation of their work.

      The next change is the number: more than 6.6 million people attended the English language course in Duolingo over the past years, until autumn 2017 (a year earlier it was about 3.3 million people). This is really a huge number, although there are also people who have tried learning, but they have quickly given up this course.

      The nature of the work on the course has also changed. Our predecessors have translated the sentences included in all lessons in the course. Current work is called "care and maintenance". Now you should check the reported errors, add correct entries to the course and reject wrong entries. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether any correct translations have been omitted in the sentences translated, and possibly add such translations. Due to the flexibility of the Polish language (changing the order of words, presence or absence of pronouns, the possibility of expressing the same content with different expressions, and also due to the ambiguity of English words), the number of translations of some sentences may reach as many as several thousand. Duolingo software allows you to include not more than 3,000 versions of the correct answer per sentence. It's a lot, but sometimes it's not possible to fit everyone - then you have to choose the ones that are the most popular or the most faithful translation of the original. In addition, in some places of the course, you should add more sentences, especially in the lessons that are most problematic for the learners. Next thing is adding comments and explanations to erroneous translations - and the version of erroneous translation for each sentence can be many, sometimes even several hundred. It should be added that particularly annoying are reports of errors, which are clearly nonsensical and worthless. Their "handling" takes only time, which could be spent on valuable applications. Of course, it is also necessary to supplement and improve the interface translations, because Duolingo's team is still working on new solutions and introducing new tools for learning (e. g. Düsseldorf). Tiny Cards, Clubs, versions of course for mobile phones, and other news). Another thing to do is to write grammar explanations for the course. So far, these explanations have been ashamed of little.

      In addition, a part of our team supports work on a Polish language course for anglophone students. This is a course that requires far more work than an English course for Poles, and both courses are to a certain extent related.

      Over the past 3 years, many people have been applying to cooperate with this course. Due to the different staffing turmoil, many of these applications have not been reviewed or given an opinion. We apologize for this, but please do not criticise the previous team. There were many reports, but a large part of them did not give rise to optimistic negotiations. We will now gradually review these notifications, and we will contact some people who have reported (especially those who still use Duolin) - we will keep in touch with you.

      You are also welcome to cooperate again. For the support of both courses (EN-PL and PL-EN) it will be especially useful for people who know Polish perfectly well, e. g. for example: Polish, English, English, English, English, English, English, English, Polish, English, English, English, English, English, English, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polish, English and Polish. students or graduates of Polish philology. Also people are needed who know Polish at least a bit, but who speak English very well, e. g. Students or graduates of English studies, as well as English, American and Australian students. Or Poles who live for many years in an English-speaking country. It is not necessarily about working on the course itself, which can be very absorbing - we often only need people to talk to, clarify doubts about the correctness of certain phrases. You can contact us through the appropriate website, but you can also contact us directly: winter_ek and br0d4 - e. g. Winter_experience_report. emissions from the Forum.

      Sorry if DeepL is wrong.

      [deactivated user]

        why your votes would be from 4 to -1 ? I upvote you. :) your post is really goody.

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