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Is there any feedback from using Report?

I've reported a couple of answers that I had a query on, and would like to know if we actually get any feedback from reporting, and in what timescale. To date it seems that it is just a matter of pressing a button, the issue is reported and nothing else happens.

October 8, 2017



As garpike says, you should get an e-mail when an unaccepted answer you reported as correct is added to the list of accepted translations by a course contributor. There are, however, some exceptions:

  • If you've reported the sentence in a freewrite report, rather than submitted it by ticking the box "my answer should be accepted", then you will not receive any sort of notification. Your suggestion will still be taken into account, we just have no way of reaching out to you.
  • The mail is not automatic upon the addition of the sentence, a contributor will have to click a button to see it sent. As a contributor I will sometimes opt not to send such a mail if I think the answer is acceptable but best avoided, if, for example, the sentence is technically correct, but sounds awkward and unnatural, I don't want to encourage its use.
  • I've once been told, but cannot confirm, that in cases where several users have submitted the same sentence alternative, only one of the submitters will get the mail.
  • For image exercises and multiple choice exercises, you will receive no feedback.

Of course it still depends on someone actually adding the alternatives, and some teams are more active than others. As a course matures, the ratio of legitimate reports to incorrect reports also becomes very low, so it becomes more and more time consuming for a contributor to wade through the incorrect ones. This is especially true for the earlier skills.

There's also no expiration date on reports, and the older ones don't end up at the bottom of the pile, so your reports aren't in vain even if they're not attended to immediately. I still get mails about sentences I reported when taking the Spanish course - over two years ago. :)


Thank you so much for posting that! It clears up several of the things I've been wondering about concerning the report feature. ^^

One thing regarding your first bullet point: if the user ticks both the "my answer should be accepted" option and ticks the freewrite option within that same report, will both remain together or will they each be submitted separately as if they are two completely unlinked reports?

The main sentences I report are instances where British English is marked as being incorrect, where they instead want something that might not even make sense in my language. I often wonder if the contributors understand why I'm suggesting things such as "jumper" as an alternative to "sweater". But I hesitate to use the freewrite box to explain, because I haven't been sure if the contributors ever see anything you write in it. ^^;

(Also, I really wish there was some way we could retract reports, if shortly after submitting it we then realise it was reported in error... I think there'd be significantly less incorrect reports to wade through if this were made possible.)


Wait, you still have access to freewrite reports?!?!?

Deliciae can correct me if I err, but I have read elsewhere that the "My sentence is correct" and freewrite reports aren't connected in any way, which is why it is so important to say what answer it is you're talking about in freewrite reports.


Piguy3 is right, they end up in two separate categories of reports. Of course, we'll often be able to figure out which freewrite report should go with which sentence based on the content, but you can quote all or parts of your suggestion in the freewrite report to make it easier.

This is how it looks to us, and an example of an utterly useless freewrite report:

Having the ability to retract reports would be nice, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just have an extra look at the sentence before you report it, and if there's still a mistake you don't catch, well... it'll be in good company where it arrives. ;)


Out of random curiosity, how often when going through these things do you wish there were a "delete all" option?


Hehe, every time I visit "Basics 1"!

Going through the second half of the course is quite pleasant, as there are mostly serious language learners left. Of course there are still incorrect suggestions aplenty, but there's less gibberish, abuse, and "C'mon, I only got one of three words wrong!".


I just happen to have seen in another thread that apparently there is a userscript out there for the incubator that adds a "reject all" option. Here's the thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16957916 and the larger image of the relevant screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/lnJpAje.png


I've seen a few other threads where contributors have mentioned just how incredibly massive the pile of errant reports can be. Thanks for the mindnumbing work you guys do plowing through it!


You're very welcome! :)

I'm fortunate enough to contribute to a course with "only" two million users, so whenever I feel like I'm drowning in reports I remind myself that it could be worse; I could be moderating the Spanish course.


Yes, there is (an email telling you your suggestion has been accepted), but it depends very much on the course, its contributors and its backlog of reports. If you have been reporting things in the Italian course, then I suggest you look into cryonics...


I've gotten several emails from the Esperanto team saying that they now accept the alternate solution I reported.

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