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How many words are in the Czech course?

October 8, 2017



The final official count is 2362.

Some of this total reflects multiply counted different forms of the same lexeme when they were introduced separately. The duplicate counting effect was constrained by our frequent "dumps" of multiple forms of the same lexeme or even related forms of multiple lexemes as a single container "word" (counted as one word).

I do not think it is possible to extract the true lexeme count without manually tabulating the entire contents of the course. Maybe a statistical sampling technique could yield an estimate.


Nueby said in the incubator updates that it was 2,000.


Do you only learn languages with blue white and red flag's colors? ;D


It is important that the number of words in the Czech course is growing, I am advanced in Czech, my vocabulary maybe is about 3000 words already. The lessons are too easy for me still.

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