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What french cartoons do you recommend?

I have been learning French in duolingo and I now wish to complement the learning process with simple cartoons in French kindergartners watch. Any suggestions of cartoons or movies you can recommend for startes I am looking for cartoons mostly because movies could be complex. Any help is appreciated :)

October 8, 2017



Perhaps you want to try Les shadocks

Be warned that this cartoon is a bit special.

The Shadoks were a significant literary, cultural and philosophical phenomenon in France. (from the wikipedia article)

Otherwise, I am sure you know Asterix or my favourite one: Lucky Luke


Much Appreciated @MichaPau. Les Shadocks is amazing


Wtf some guy has been downvoting every post lately.

Anyway today I found a cartoon while browsing youtube, the Daltons, they were the villians in lucky luke's series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFvbmPilRpw

Do you like comics? if you are like me who doesn't understand the cartoons yet Asterix and Lucky Luke seem very fun to read in its original format. Also if you like mangas in bato.to you can find some french translated ones.


Miraculous ladybug! It's a french show that a lot of people watch on netflix in english, so you'd have to change the audio settings back to french. Season 2 comes out soon! You'll get really attached to it if the first episode doesn't confuse the heck out of you haha


One of my favorites, although short and it may be hard to find it with subtitles, is les contes de la rue broca.

Also maybe you can find popular cartoons or anime with sous titres, I have learned french in subtitled songs from My Little Pony (It's not a show for everyone but its songs are so damn catchy)


Those are some good suggestions. Thanks a bunch. :)


Masha and the Bear and DinoTrux are both on Netflix and have French audio available. Be careful, though, as the French subtitles do not always match up with the audio, so it's better to choose one or the other, but not both.


Thats some good thoughts, Thanks :)


Miraculous Ladybug is quite popular, maybe not for kindergarten level but if you watch with subtitles it should help. It's a good show and I enjoy it myself. Good luck with your learning and congrats on a French level 19!


Thanks @BowlerCat Miraculous Ladybug is full of ENERGY I <3 it.


I enjoy Le Petit Nicolas series on Youtube.


I watched it, its good :)


I always liked watching/reading the Tin Tin comics at my Grandmothers house when I was younger . . . I am not sure if they are still being viewed though. Also, Miraculous Ladybug is really good. It is on Netflix in English, but you can just change your settings to French if you want.


Tin Tin Comics @ grandmas house, check ;)

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