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No Average Progression

445 day streak, average 2000 XPs per week [127,500 TOTAL] [1,507 lLingots], yet can get passed 54-55%. Look at words I practiced at it says I need to strengthen words I've done hundreds of times. What 's up with this Program

October 8, 2017



Fluency is a worthless statistic. Ignore it.


Also, I recommend reading this.


54 - 55% is a high fluency. The maximum fluency is around 60%.


63% is the highest I have managed to achieve. But I re take lessons a lot before I move on.


On my French to English (reverse tree) I hit 69% Fluency today. My regular tree (English to French) I can't seem to get past 65%. I saw somewhere in the discussions a while back where someone hit 70%. I have been doing this for over 4 years though and it's only been in the last 4 months or so where it's moved up. When things change here, I am never sure if it's because of something that I am doing better or if I am part of an A/B test.

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