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Japanese Course Audio Issue

I couldn't find a subscription forum for Japanese, so I'm gonna leave this here. I think there is an error in the way the Japanese course operates for single character practice. For example, in a Practice lesson the question will be phrased similar to ""How is this character pronounced?" 1 character is shown below, with 4 transliterations (e.g. ma, ra, su) for us to pick from. But as soon as the question appears, the sound of the character is given! This completely defeats the point of this exercise. If I didn't know the character immediately, this just gives me the answer. This type of exercise should not automatically pronounce the character. Give the user some time to remember it, if needed. Is there a more direct way to send the Japanese team feedback? I didn't see anything on their Incubator page.

October 8, 2017



The reason the sound of the character is given is so that the learner can learn what the character sounds like. Without the sound, they would have no way of knowing the pronunciation of the character, and would be forced to guess.


I think what nsinatra is pointing out, though, is that the exercise always automatically gives the sound, without the user hitting the speaker symbol. This means duo has no way of telling whether you remembered the sound.


Ah how ironic this is now.

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