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"The two of us look exactly the same."

Translation:My dvě vypadáme úplně stejně.

October 8, 2017


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Přeložil jsem to jako "dva z nás vypadají úplně stejně" a prý špatně. Je to také správný překlad, nebo jak by se to řeklo?


Také mně napadla tahle odpověď, a stále si nejsem jistý jestli je to špatně nebo ne


Taky jsem napsala "Dva z nás vypadají stejne" Představuji si skupinu lidí (jejíž jsem členem) a dva z nich vypadají stejně. Třeba to říkám číšníkovi, který se neumí dopočítat kolik nás vlastně je. :)

A jsem moc zvědavá, jestli se tato věta múže přeložit i takhle, nebo to už by se řeklo jinak.


To by tam nebyl ten člen.


If it had asked for a translation of 'We two look exactly the same', I'd not have got this wrong. It might be more helpful to the learner if the English sentence were presented in this form.


"helpful" may mean different things. The goal is not "to not get it wrong", but "to learn something". So as long as the English expression is natural, it's helpful to get something wrong once in a while.


It would have been helpful to be reminded that the Czech grammatically mirrors the English 'we two' rather than 'the two of us'; this is all I meant, and could have been achieved by replacing one natural English construction with another equally natural (albeit less common) English construction. The less-commonness would further help cement it into the memory.
My goal is always to learn something; I wasn't complaining about getting it wrong, but suggesting a more effective way to teach it so it will stick.


My guess -- and by now I am, admittedly, a bit jaded -- is that using "We two..." in the main translation could result in a landslide of complaints that "NO ONE would EVER say that." :-) And that's not to dispute that mirroring, where it works, definitely has its value.


Yep, I'm a bit jaded too, and you're probably right. But Czech is something of a geographically niche language (what I mean to say is that it will never have huge numbers of learners, in a polite way, much as Czech is fascinating), so I doubt that comments disagreeing with my suggestion would cause a great problem.

However, I was just offering a practical suggestion to make learning a very difficult language a tiny bit easier. Some people just don't seem to know what's good for them (strictly within the sphere of language-learning, needless to say).


every time we try to reach for this type of helpful english translation, we do get the NOWEST response, often impolite or outright nasty. it may be unfair to other users that we tend to refrain from helping all users because of some users, but it would be even more unfair to just say to heII with all of you ingrates and go do something better with our time, so we choose less help as a way of retaining some good will.


I came from one of the new "complete the translation" questions, where you only have to put in one word. I don't find that helpful at all as a learning tool. I'm not getting to practise as much if I'm only having to type in one word. And the word it left out was stejně when what I really need to practise at the moment is the new verb. That's the section I'm in. So not only is it taking away some of my learning opportunities by making me do only one word - it's not even taking the right word for the section I'm supposed to be learning. Make us work harder!! Take away the "complete the translation" questions again!!


This must be directed to Duolingo. We do not decide the kinds of exercises you get in any way. Ask in the main forum.


Got it. Will try to find my way there instead... Thanks.


Hello! My dve vypadame uplne stejne.(I'm sorry I can't type CZ collectly). Why is it "dve", not "dva"? Thank you for advice!


My dvě - two women

My dva - two persons, at least one probably male


Why "dva/dvě z nás" is wrong?


Please always discuss a complete sentence.

"Dvě z nás vypadají stejně." means "Two of us look the same."


Thank you. Well, then there was any other mistake in my reply, but I can't remember it.


Not necessarily. Note that "the two of us" and "two of us" means two different things. In the first formulation, "we" are two persons, in the second formulation we are more.


Thank you for your addition. Maybe it was the reason of my mistake.


Přeložil jsem to "Obě vypadáme úplně stejně" a odpověď nebyla uznána. Proč?


V anglické větě není "both" (obě), ale máte pravdu, že význam je stejný.

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