"A man got angry."

Translation:남자는 화를 냈다.

October 8, 2017



남자는 화를 냈습니다. This is also correct.

October 8, 2017


남자는 화가 났습니다 is also correct.

January 2, 2018


I disagree on the use of "a" here. It would mean that this is the first time that 1) we are talking about one particular man and 2) this is the first time he is mentioned. On the other hand, the use of -는 in Korean suggests to me that we are either talking about men in general or about one particular man who has been mentioned before. native speakers please correct me if I'm wrong there.

February 1, 2018


If "남자는 화를 냈습니다" and "남자는 화가 났습니다" are both correct, then what is the difference in usage between the two?

November 22, 2018
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