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German Duolingo Stories

Duolingo stories what a great learning aid...when will we have stories in German?

October 8, 2017



As a long-time Duolingo user/student, I would like to add my support for expanding the lab section to other languages, particularly German. The discontinuation of the translation section was a major disappointment, and the addition of the labs has been a welcome and enjoyable experience. I hope the Beta test meets whatever criteria for success the staff has set and more will be forthcoming.


i would love for it to be a thing.


I hope it will be soon.


Agreed. We really need to have stories in German on Duo.


YES, YES, YES! We need German stories to get a bit more hands-on! Great suggestion!


I hope eventually they add it, but its a work in progress a the moment. they might even decide to not have it.


I would really love this. It would be such a good way to use all the German words but differently to the sentences you have to rote learn. Keeping my fingers crossed that this becomes a thing. It's hard to find alternative resources that cater towards the very limited vocabulary I've learned thus far, so I fear I won't be able to try reading other things until I've improved a lot more.


The Duolingo Stories feature is part of the Duolingo Labs, the purpose of which is to test new features. Because Duolingo Stories is only being tested at this point in time, Duolingo doesn't want to devote much time into it, because if they decide it doesn't work, all that time working on it will be wasted when it could have been used to work on something else. If the feature does work, Duolingo will most likely start to develop it for German, but I don't know when that would happen.

Hope this helps!


I am here to support this cause. I love the stories and I am learning a lot more.


Anyway, It will help to read the newest words in our vocabularies in actual sentences and phrases, so we can figure out what they mean and where in actual conversation they may be used.

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