Discussion posts are being routinely duplicated.

See screenshot:


I've heard several people complain of duplicate posts lately.

October 8, 2017


I thought the programmers made some big changes to the forum code recently and by the many reports I have seen they have introduced more bugs than they cleared up.

October 8, 2017

Maybe it's because as soon as you publish a new post, there's an "error 404" page, so people think that their post wasn't posted and make another one. At least that's what I did, but then I saw my two posts and deleted one.

(this has been the case for me. I don't know if others are having the same problem.)

October 8, 2017


I can confirm that Lea.

regards Angel

October 8, 2017

That is what happened to my sister. She tried to post a discussion and it said error 404 or something. I went on my account and saw her discusssion even though it said error 404 I told it was posted before she posted the same discussion twice. :)

October 8, 2017
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