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  5. "입국 카드에 이름을 써주세요."

"입국 카드에 이름을 써주세요."

Translation:Write your name on your landing card.

October 8, 2017



Landing card should be entry card


I keep having this issue, but Duolingo won't accept synonyms for the words that make sense which makes it seem like I'm getting the answers wrong when I'm not - this should be remedied to make this a better program.


Flag it and it will be remedied.


Still waiting, one year later...


I have no idea what a landing or entry card is and I've flown internationally.


Usually when you need visa you're given a landing card but I may be wrong. I am Russian and I need visa for the UK but not for South Korea. So when I go to the UK they give me a landing card and when I go to South Korea they don't, unless I am recalling incorrectly.


I almost went to Russia and Ukraine for 3 months. But then I found out about 3 days before the flight that my US passport wasn't enough for a visit to Russia. I needed a visitor's? visa and an "invitation" from the consulate. I had to cancel on my friends. I still have no idea what all those police state documents are for and what they mean. I'll just stick to hoping to visit the EU and South Korea. I could see Ukraine one day, they're lax like the EU. But I really wanted to see Russia once at that time.


What about 성함? Would it fit here or is it too deferential?


성함 is too formal and is usually used for the elderly. 이름 would be ideal in this case


Why is the ㅂ in 입국 not pronounced?


What is landing card?


What about arrival card??


I think that would be actually more appropriate!

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