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"Pili jsme pivo v nové restauraci."

Translation:We were drinking beer at the new restaurant.

October 8, 2017



This should be in correct English : IN the new restaurant


Both "at" and "in" are accepted.


It accepted my first try "Pili jsme pivo v novém restauraci." as well as the recommended "Pili jsme pivo v té nové restauraci." So I'm not quite sure about the novem/nove difference... m on the end not needed when using te? (Or maybe it just counted the first one as a spelling mistake and allowed it, and I didn't notice?!)


Probably a Duo glitch. There are two variants possible: "v novém restaurantu" (masculine inanimate, the older, more formal form) and "v nové restauraci" (feminine).


Ooh, interesting - thanks for that titbit!


I wrote "at a new restaurant". Is there a way to know in čeština when it should be translated with an indefinite or definite article or is it all based on context?


Here is "té" nové restauraci -- "té" indicates that you should use the definite article. (So when you will see czech demonstrative pronoun then you probably will use the definite article.

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