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I need a French speaking buddy!!

Hello! I'm Elisa :). I'm looking for a partner I can practice my French with, I'll be willing to help you with English as well. If interested, I'll share my skype account in here so we can practice together. J’espère de rencontrer quelqu'un qui peut me donner de l'aide, j’espère aussi vous aider. Merci tous!

October 8, 2017



Hello I'm Emma I don't have a skype but I do have google hangouts. If you have a gmail account then you have google hangouts. I would be willing to help.


Go onto tlk.io or something...


If you want ,i can speak for skype


Alright! I'll give it to you later, sorry. I'm having trouble with entering with my microsoft account. You can give me yours in the meanwhile, or you could talk to me in google hangouts.




can u help me with french im only a beginner


Awie I think that before moving onto conversation you should learn the basics first :) I'm asking for a partner I can talk to since I feel confident about the stuff I know. I can still help you tho (even tho I'm not even fluent). If interested you can add me in hangouts. I mentioned my mail in another comment in here.


je veux un ami qui alle parler en francais ( i speak broken french but i want to learn.:)


I’m not a pro but we could work together and work our way up to top!

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