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What do you trust more the school textbook or Duolingo

HEY, ALL, So I was looking at duolingo and my textbook happened to be out. and it said something was wrong that said was right in the textbook. Whats the most trustworthy resource?

October 8, 2017



I would say a textbook is more likely to be correct but it's possible for either one to be wrong. Could you give us the sentence in question so we can judge?


I would probably lean in the direction of the book being more right, but textbooks tend to teach 'formal' French, which may or not be common usage. And textbooks make errors, too.

But if you really want to know, you'll probably have to consult an authoritative source.


Why don't you give a concrete in-depth (concrete) example what is different?

Have you already checked the sentence discussion? Have you asked the question there to discuss with advanced French / native French users and course contributors???

If your text book is correct on that single "word / sentence / explanation" and you get a positive feeback from the "sentence discussion", the DuoLingo database might just miss the correct alternative solution and you manually would have to report it.

This is not DuoLingo French related (English is enough):
Have you really never run over the "report" function, where the sentence course database is just missing many alternative correct / valid answers?


Duolingo definitely contains some errors and questionable translations. But textbooks are also often little more than a money-grab, during my time in school we found mistakes in our math textbook every other lesson.


Ok thanks I'll talk to my teacher about it

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