"Kateřina zná nejmíň deset jazyků."

Translation:Kateřina knows at least ten languages.

October 8, 2017

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Why is the verb here Znát and not Umět?


Yeah, I have the same question...


See ValaCZE's comment below. Both "knows" and "speaks" are accepted.


"zna jazyky" means that she knows that they exist?


Not really, it means that she can speak them. When you want to say that she knows about something (its existence, or about something you said her before ) you say "ona o tom ví".


Is nejméně a different word, or would it be acceptable to be used in place of nejmíň?


Nejméně and nejmíň are basically the same word, the only difference is in usage; nejmíň is somewhat preferred in speech, nejméně in writing.


you can also translate this as "She knows no fewer than 10 languages"


I used "no less than" -- which, in retrospect, SHOULD have been "no fewer than" -- and that was rejected. Since "at least" and "no fewer/no less than" mean essentially the same thing, it seems like they should be acceptable translations. If I come across this again, I'll try reporting it.

UPDATE ----- Just reported my answer using "no fewer." So we'll see what happens.

UPDATE ----- A year on, I get it.


Why don't they mean the same thing in Czech? Because i just got the answer wrong with 'no fewer than'...


Strictly speaking we have "ne méně, než" that is the direct equivalent. But it van probably be accepted too.


I've added alternatives using both "no fewer than" and "no less than," since the latter is probably more commonly used these days, at least in the US.


How to know whether to use znát or umět in this type of sentence? If, for example, I want to say “Kateřina knows how to play the piano”, which “know” verb would I use?


Why isn't it 'Kateřina zná nejmíň deseti jazyků'? Perhaps I am just having a slow moment.


to know something = znát něco: direct object in the accusative case

mluvit jazykem / jazyky = speak (a) language/languages: instrumental case (to some extent you use the language as an instrument of communication)

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